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Are Cash For Gold Companies Really Legit?

A lot of people are trying to find new ways to make money make some extra these days. Unfortunately, a lot of people lost their jobs these last few years because of the economy and everyone is on a mad dash to find better ways to make money and do it from home so that they can spend time with their family and children. 

One of the latest and greatest upcoming options for making some extra money is cash for gold, but not all those companies are legit.

Does it sound like something out of a children's book? It is not! These cash for gold sites actually allow you to sell your old gold jewelry to them and receive money back in return. The business and companies that do this are gold refineries that are looking for new gold to make new products. This is where you come in! 

You can send them old gold jewelry you do not use anymore, jewelry, you do not like anymore or that is out of style, or you could even pick up jewelry from garage sales and flea markets and sell them to these companies and they really will pay you money! Like all services and products on the Internet, each site you find that will do the cash for gold service is going to offer various prices. 

In addition, some sites will have different stipulations. For example, on some websites you can include precious gems like diamonds or rubies and they will include that in the price. Whereas, on most of the legitimate sites you can sell them more than just gold you can also sell them scrap metals and platinum. 

The real gold and the higher karats are always going to extend more money per ounce, but this is understandable considering 24kt gold versus 12 karat gold will have more pureness to it and the 12kt will include other metals like nickel. You still could get a nice price for these lower golds, but if possible, and if you really want to make money with this, you will want to send them REAL gold. 

One thing you really want to look for is websites where you can sell cash for Gold  that will cost nothing for you. For example, when you get ready to send the gold to them, you should not be paying for postage. Instead, they should send you a package or envelope that is self-paid. This was you are not paying for anything. 

You simply prepare the gold, put it in the package, send it out and they will receive it and send you a check in a few days time. If a site does ask you to pay them something, even something small like postage, chances are it is not a legit company and you need to move on and find a new one to deal with!

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