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Are All Cash For Gold Sites Scams?

Sadly, there are those who have come to struggle financially because of the recent economic downturn.  There is a big rush to find ways to add to the family income without sacrificing family time.    

One new and intriguing means of gaining extra funds is working in the cash-for-gold business, however it is important to beware of the gold for cash scam
Do cash for gold websites sound like a fairy tale?  Not at all.  Gold jewelry sells for solid money.  Visiting these websites can result in a good sale of unwanted jewelry or other gold items.  Gold refineries are always looking for more material to help them create new products.  They are constantly seeking customers who wish to sell their unused gold for immediate cash.  In the process, both parties benefit.  

Gold jewelry that is far out of style can now be put to good use.  Maybe there are necklaces or earrings that no longer are worn.  These can be sold, too.  Some people even comb garage sales looking for gold pieces that they can then re-sell online.  The online companies will pay for the items, and all that has been invested is a little bit of time and energy.  Each company has its own pricing structure and guidelines.  Prices for gold may vary from website to website, and from day to day so you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your gold and that you are not being scammed

Some online gold buyers will have certain rules for purchases.  In some cases, gemstones can be included in a sale.  Rubies, diamonds, and other valuable precious stones may add to the overall value of a piece of jewelry.  Other organizations will be interested in platinum or other scrap metals, too.

Higher karat value will increase the selling price of any gold item.  The purer the gold, the higher price it will obtain per ounce.  Gold that is graded at 24 karats is much more pure than that which is 12 karats.  Sometimes 12-karat gold has other metal like nickel included in the mix.  The less pure gold items will still bring a good price.  Real, pure gold is the most desirable, however, and will always earn more money.

Selling gold for cash should never cost the seller a fee.  The reputable, honest agencies will never ask for money up front.  Nor should postage be required as part of the deal. The seller should pay for nothing.  The gold buyer should bear the cost of postage.  Postage-paid envelopes should be provided for every transaction.

From home, the seller should simply prepare the gold, place it in the envelope, and put it in the mail.  As the buyer receives it, they will send a check in return for the agreed-upon amount.  Websites that request postage costs or other small fees are probably not legitimate and might be scam, therefore they should be avoided.  With so many companies on the internet today, there are plenty of others that can offer good cash-for-gold transactions but there are also the scammers that need to be avoided
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