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Basic Tips to Help You in Dealing with Cash for Gold Companies Online

Cash for gold scam online is one of the biggest problems besetting many legitimate cash for gold companies.  Reports and complaints of people falling victims to scammers have been circulating all over the internet. Even news networks cover stories of cash for gold schemes because of the many complaints received by Better Business Bureau (BBB) every year.  However, despite of the information about some cash for gold scams and strong warning, many people are still willing to sell their scrap or unwanted gold. 

As a gold seller, it is quite risky if you’re going to sell your gold without knowing some basic things about it. The fact that there are many scammers online should put you on guard when looking for good cash for gold companies online. So here are some basic tips to help you out.

1. Before sending your gold online, have a local jeweler check the value of your gold. Local jewelers can assess the value of your gold according to the gold’s weight, melting value or karat, and the spot price of gold as dictated by the market. This way you will have an idea as to the real value of your gold.

2. Check if the company is BBB accredited. Reputable cash for gold companies can easily give you proof as to their BBB accreditation. When a company is BBB accredited, you know that it adheres to the policies set by the government and is therefore legitimate. Be wary when a company is not accredited. Those companies that do not go through the long process of accreditation have something to hide and are usually fraud. 

3.  And finally, inquire if the company has service and return policies. Good cash for gold companies would usually allow return of your gold if you are not happy with their service. So when you plan on dealing with one, make sure that they have service and return policies.

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