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Consumers beware of Cash for Gold Scams 

Cash for gold is already becoming popular these days as the demand for gold is going up. There are actually several ways for you to sell your gold and among these are auctions, social media networks or even in pawnshops. The only problem is that since the idea of cash for gold is spreading like wildfire, there are plenty of buyers out there who are simply scamming gold owners of their jewelry in exchange for some petty cash.

How then can you avoid cash for gold scam? For starters, stay away from gold buyers who suddenly sprout around your neighborhood. Chances are these stores are not registered and will most likely buy cash for gold at really low prices. Second, find out how much your gold actually weighs and ask around jewelry stores or pawnshops the real value of your gold jewelry. This way, you will know whether you are getting good value when you plan to use cash for gold. 
Another step that you might want to think about when it comes to cash for gold is to find out whether the buyer is BBB accredited. Most shops that opened shop immediately are not really accredited so make sure you stay away from them. It would help if you read reviews on them as well to determine what other customers have to say about their services as well as their prices.

Don't forget to call their company especially those that you found online. Determine whether there is any telephone number that you can call to inquire about their cash for gold rates. There are lots of people who got scammed out of their gold jewelry because they forgot to follow this step. 
With these things in mind, your quest for cash for gold may be more successful than the rest. Why not give these steps a try when you plan to use cash for gold. 

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