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Does Cash For Gold Site Pay Fair Prices?

So many citizens are struggling to find innovative ways to bring more income into the household.  With rising unemployment, the recent months and years have not been easy on families.  They are in a difficult situation and looking for a better way out.  Everyone wants more time with children and families, so finding a mean of gaining some extra income has become a priority.

There are many possibilities for making extra money,  The newest craze is selling your old, broken or unwanted cash fdor gold... But will you get a fair price?

This is true.  It is not a fantasy or just a story.  The cash for gold websites do really provide a means for selling used gold jewelry for immediate cash payment.  These organizations are associated with gold refineries.  The refineries are looking for new material to help create new products.  They are able to use gold in any form.  This is where the work at home option becomes available.

Selling old jewelry is very profitable.  Take an old piece that is now unfashionable, unattractive, or simply no longer desired, and sell it for cash money.  Some people even purchase jewelry second hand at flea markets or yard sales.  Just as with any other service or product offered, website will vary in the amount they pay for gold pieces and is is important to make comparisons so that you know you are getting a fair price

There will also be various regulations at websites.  Rubies, diamonds, or other jewels may be accepted at one site.  These may raise the value of the piece that is for sale.  The additional price of the gemstones will be included.  Scrap metals and platinum may be accepted at other sites. 

The more pure the gold is, the higher the price it will gain.  Higher numbers of karats have more real gold, so they are worth more money.  The price per ounce is always going to be higher for these types of gold.  Gold that is 24 karats will be more valuable than gold that is 12 karats.  Sometimes the 12-karat items will contain other metals.  Nickel is one example.  These golds can get a good price, but the best money to be made is in real, pure gold.  This is what should be sent whenever possible. 

An important thing to examine is whether or not the website charges a person to send in gold.  No website should charge a fee for this.  When it comes time to put the gold in the mail, there should not even be a cost for postage.  Honest companies will supply an envelope that already has postage paid.  The seller does not pay for anything. 

All the seller does is get the package ready, put in gold, and send it on its way.  As soon as the buyer gets it, they send back a check within a few days.  If a website requests any form of fee or payment, it is probably not a reputable company to do business with.  Even costs as minimal as postage should be covered.  Seek out the right company, one that does not charge any kind of fee and one that pays a fair price

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