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With gold prices skyrocketing to a 30 year high coupled with the current state of the economy, many people are selling their old, broken or unwanted gold jewelry as a way of acquiring some much needed cash, unfortunately this has spawned a whole new industry that is taking advantage of these people's desperation.

We've all seen the TV commercials and newspaper advertisements all claiming to give you the best price for your gold, but are you really getting what your gold is worth or are you being taken advantage of?

The latest news releases show evidence a new scam moving across the Globe known as the "Gold For Cash Scam" and people are being warned to be weary of 
precious metal dealers that are acting as Gold brokers (A.K.A. Middle-Men), who 
will grossly underestimate the value of your jewelry and pay you very little for it has proven time and time again that they are be the highest paying Gold Buyer in North America averaging 3x's more than their competitors.

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"I approached several pawn shops & jewelry dealers in my neighborhood but they all wanted to give me next to nothing, then I came upon the Fox News Video and decided I would do business with CashForGoldUSA... They gave me more for my gold than what I had paid for it about 10 years ago".
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"I unfortunately got sucked into the "Cash for Gold Scam" and was paid a very small fraction of what my Gold was worth, after doing some more research I discovered that I should have dealt directly with a Gold Refiner who would pay me market value... Oh well, Live and Learn".
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"The cash for gold company you recommended was amazing to deal with and I got more for my Gold than I expected , also, I had my money in less than a week... Two BIG Thumbs Up!"
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                  Serving the USA and Canada -  UK Residents Click Here
                  Simple 3 Step Process includes a Comlimentory Pre-paid Gold-Pack                
                  Larget Payment In the Industry - 300% More than The Competition 

                     There are No "Middle-Men" Involved, They are a Precious Metal Refinery

                     Accepts Gold for Cash From anywhere in the USA or Canada

                  Fast Processing Time - Payments Sent Out Within a Few Days

                  Federal Express Shipping is Available for Quicker Delivery Time

                  Fast 24 hr Payments are Offered Through PayPal 

                  The Complimentory Gold-Pack also Includes Insurance Coverage 

                  Superior Customer Service with 2 Week Satisfaction Guarantee

                  Established for Over Thirty Years with a Proven, Successful Track Record 

                  A+ Rating With the Better Business Bureau

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Warning! -  Beware of Gold For Cash Scams
FOX News Investigates the
"Gold For Cash" Business
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