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Steer Clear of Cash for Gold

In today's economy there is no shortage of companies attempting to make a profit off of people's financial hardships. Cash for gold scams do just that by offering quick money for gold jewelry. They appeal to consumers' need for money to pay next month's bills by promising quick payments and free shipping. The problem with the cash for gold scam is that you may not be fairly compensated for your jewelry.

Even if you haven't worn the jewelry you're selling for years, you are still entitled to receive the fair market value for it. Appraisers of course are insensitive to any sentimental value your jewelry might have, but honest appraisers will agree on the real value of the precious metals that make up the piece. Cash for gold companies, on the other hand, have been known to vary drastically in the amounts they are willing to compensate you for your jewelry. While some companies will quote prices similar to what you would get at a local jewelry store, others have been found to pay under 20% of that price. This difference is far too extreme to be the result of differences in appraisal methodology or opinion. Instead, it represents a conscious attempt by cash for gold companies to short change their customers.

One way to avoid this cash for gold scam is to have your jewelry independently appraised. If you know a jeweler, that can be the best way to get an honest value for your items. If not, you are still better off going to a local jewelry store and getting their professional opinion before sending it to a cash for gold company. Another way to protect yourself is to shop around. Don't get just one quote from a cash for gold company and go with it. Find out if other companies are willing to offer you more. By being cautious and prudent, you can avoid the pitfalls associated with selling your old jewelry.

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