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The Cash for Gold Rush

This might sound like a new gold rush but it is truly an unquestionable urge: cash for gold. Yes, you have heard of it through the printed media, radio and television inviting you to sell your unwanted jewelry to get extra cash to cope with your every day expenses. However you should understand the idea behind cash for gold before proceeding. 
The rush for buying unwanted gold jewelry and gold items is due to the large number of companies that melt these pieces down, similar to other recycling processes, but with the advantage marketing a metal which price always rises in the market. Therefore the items that you can sell vary as much as the amount of money you can get. 
Keep in mind there are many middle-men and gold broker companies advertising cash for gold. You should avoid negotiating with these persons if you want to get the highest price possible for your items. If you want to sell your unwanted gold negotiate directly with the gold refinery. Do not expect to get as much as you paid for the unwanted item, but the gold value once it is melted Since the refinery cut down costs when brokers are involved, skipping them means more money in your pocket. Nonetheless selling unwanted gold is best than taking the items to the pawn shop, where you only receive a partial value of the item. Furthermore, because pawn shop need a good profit margin to remain in business, they will never pay you as much as the gold refiner. 
Opposite to the pawn shops or gold brokers, the refinery does not care about fixing your unwanted gold jewelry to resell it, but they simply purchase items for the value of gold once the items are melted having a totally different purpose in mind, and this might not necessarily be jewelry manufacturing. 
Cash for gold advertising can be appealing, but you must not trust in what you read without doing first a little research. Try to find where the gold refineries are located in your city or nearby towns because it is worth drive to sell your unwanted gold for the highest price. The best way to find a local gold refinery is performing an online search for it. Word of mouth is always helpful if someone you know has already gotten cash for gold, just make sure the recommended service is the refinery and not a broker. 
Once that you have picked up the gold refinery to deal with, gather all your broken jewelry pieces and other unwanted gold such as hat pins, cracked gold coins, etc. Remember that the most gold items you sell to the refinery, the best profit you can make when cashing your gold. 

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