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The Process

As with all cash for gold companies, there is a standard 1,2,3 process that needs to be followed, basically all that's involved is... 

  • 1) You request a free prepaid and fully insured "gold pak", "gold kit" or "Jewelry Pak" (different companies have different names for these Packs or Kits, but they're basically all the same)

  • 2) When you receive it, you simply insert all of your unwanted precious gold, silver or platinum and ship it back to the company at their expense.

  • 3) Upon receipt of your gold pack by the cash for gold company, they will assay your precious metals and then pay you according to the days spot price, less their processing /refining fees.

Once the final value has been determined they will then mail you a check, this usually happens within 24 hours of receiving the gold pack 

You can speed up the process by simply choosing how you would like to receive the cash for gold pack, you are offered four options...

  • You can request to have a gold pack and tracking number mailed to you

  • You can print your own FedEx shipping label and tracking number right from the website

  • You can request to have a Fedex shipping label emailed to you

  • Finally, you can have them mail you the FedEx label

From the options above, you can really speed up the process by choosing  the first or second option and then packaging your precious metals or diamonds in your own box... this tends to be the option that most people choose when sending in their cash for gold.