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What is Cash for Gold?

Cash for Gold is a buzz expression these days.  You cannot pick up a newspaper without seeing an ad to turn your unwanted jewelry into cash for your living expenses.  The same is true for the radio and television.  The media is all over the story and things can get very confusing.  

The entire idea of melting down our unwanted gold items leaves many of us confused and uncertain as to what is going on.  Everywhere you turn it seems the prices are different and the items that can be sold vary greatly.  

The best way to sell cash for gold is to totally skip the people in the middle and go straight to the refinery.  The actual value in the item itself is the actual gold value once it is melted down.  The more people involved in getting it from the original owner to the refinery cut down on the value to the original owner.  For example, let's say you have an old gold chain with a broken clasp that you do not use or wear anymore.  It is just collecting dust in a drawer and you want to see what value it could have to sell it for gold.  If you take it to your local pawn shop you will only receive a partial true value because the pawn broker will be selling it to the gold refiner.  He obviously expects to make a profit on the deal.  The pawn shop cannot remain in business unless it maintains an acceptable profit margin.  However, if you take the gold necklace to the gold refinery then you receive the most value possible for the gold.

The gold refinery could care less that the necklace is beautiful and simply needs a clasp to be functional.  They purchase the item for the value of the gold itself and it is melted down to be repurposed into something else.  

Look for gold refinery facilities in your area.  They will not be on every street corner and you will have to exert a little effort to find them but they are a rich source of revenue for your unwanted gold items when you locate them.  Look on the internet and locate one in your area.  Perhaps you will have to drive for a little distance to get there but it will be worth it.  Or, call ahead and many will take your items by mail.  

The first step to getting started is to go though all your drawers and old jewelry boxes and fiind items.  Many times you will have broken braclets, necklaces, or perhaps earrings.  Another rich source are commerative tie tacks from years ago, hat pins, lapel pins, and gold watches.  Once you have your stash together contact the cash for gold refinery and put a little money back in your pocket!

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