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What They Pay

Our recommended  company will never charge you for brokerage fees or appraisal fees, unlike most other cash for gold companies online. They will also pay for all of the shipping and insurance costs which ultimately equates to you getting more cash for you Gold, Silver, Platinum or Diamond items.

The payment amount is partially based upon the current market value on the day your items are received as well as being partially based upon a unique graduated payment scale, in other words... the more you send in and the more pure the items are, the higher up the pay scale you climb.  

Cash for Gold payments are determined in pennyweights (DWT) which is the global industry standard for assaying precious metals. (1 ounce = 18.2291667 pennyweights)

The following are some typical prices they have paid for gold: *

  • 9K  $19.00 per Pennyweight (dwt)

  • 10K $22.00 per Pennyweight (dwt)

  • 14K $39.00 per Pennyweight (dwt) 

  • 18K $48.00 per Pennyweight (dwt)

  • 22K $52.00 per Pennyweight (dwt)

  • 24K $64.00 per Pennyweight (dwt)

prices are based upon a minimal amount of 280 grams 

Because of the huge volume they do as well as the fact that they have their own precious metal refinery, they are able to pay the most of any other cash for gold buyers in the industry, in fact a recent Fox5News  investigative report determined that they are paying an average 3x's more!

Their payment is fast and secure... they will send you a check in the mail or deposit straight to your Paypal account within 24 hours of receiving your items.