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With gold prices being at their highest level in over 28 years, many people are digging out their old, broken or unwanted gold and selling it online to the various 
"Gold Buyers", however, most of these people are unaware that there are some very unethical companies out there that are paying much less than what your gold is actually worth.

Our research identified as being the HIGHEST paying
"Gold-Buyers" online, averaging 300% (3x's) more payout than any other competitor.

The reason that they are able to pay you so much more for your gold is simply because they own their own metal refinery and they do not have to re-sell your gold 
to a 3rd party refinery as most other companies do.

With their easy 3-step-process and their higher than average payout (3x's more) has become the most respected "Gold Buyers" in America! 
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Consumer Feedback:
"I sold a gold ring to another company online and they sent me a lousy check for $14.00, I immediately called them on the phone and demanded that they send my ring back (which they did), then I sent it to CashForGoldUSA and was paid $63.00... I'm very happy!".
 - Actual consumer comment on:

"I fell for the "Cash for Gold Scam" and only received a fraction of what my gold was really worth, I wish I had seen the FOX News video first... Oh well, live and learn".
 - Actual consumer comment on:

"This company was great to do business with and I actually got more for my gold than what I paid for it several years ago"
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Company Highlites

                   Simple 3-Step-Process Including a Free Pre-paid Gold Pack                
                  Highest Paying Gold Buyer Online  - 300% More than any Competitor  

                     Their Own On-Site Refinery - Means No "Middle-Man" 

                     Pays Out Cash for Your Gold to Anywhere in North America (USA & Canada)

                  Fast Transaction Time- Payments Often Received Within Days

                  Offers Fed Ex Shipping for Speedier Delivery 

                  Offers Same Day Payments Through PayPal  

                  Complimentary Gold Pack with Insurance against Loss or Damage

                  unprecedented Customer support and 2 week 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

                  Has Been conducting Business for Over Thirty Years

                  Outstanding Member  of the Better Business Bureau

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Where To Sell Gold - For The Best Price Without Getting Cheated In The Process

It's no longer a question of if you should sell your gold, but where to sell gold. The price of gold is at an all-time high right now. Real estate, the stockmarket, and the US dollar have proven time and again that they are not as solid as we once thought that they would be. Gold, on the other hand, has always been, continues to be, and will always remain a rock solid investment, for a long time to come, in the foreseeable future.

So the question of where to sell gold depends on where you can get the best price for it. The last thing you want to do is sell your gold to some unscrupulous pawn shop or jewelry exchange that might swindle you out of the true value of your trade-in. After all, even your local jewelry exchange needs to make a buck too, right? After all, a retailer is going to basically take your gold and attempt to resell it... the old buy low, sell high tactic. It's his job to pay as little as possible for your gold so that he can turn around and resell the same item for as much as possible, to line his own pockets.

The best place where to sell gold is directly to a gold refinery. Why? Because they are in the business to take your gold and melt it down, and repurpose it as they see fit.

Cash for gold refineries are not in the retail business. They don't take your product and resell it. They are basically a wholesale distributor of raw gold. There is no middle-man, hence the profit margins are higher, and therefore they can afford to pay you maximum dollar for your gold.

In fact, you can expect to earn about as much as 300% more for your gold through one of these cash for gold refineries than you would if you were to trade it in at retail.

The best part is that these companies are haggle-free. They offer a quick turn-around time and remit payment to you expediently. You don't have to feel like you are being ripped off, because you aren't. You are getting the highest payout possible, while still leaving room for the refinery to make a profit too.

So it really is in your own best interests to do your research before you decide where to sell it. Make sure that you are not dealing with some gold "dealership". Make sure you are not selling your gold to some hustler that is out there to rip you off.

If you own gold, then you should know that you actually have the upper hand in any situation that requires negotiation. Gold is a finite commodity. You have something that THEY want. They need your gold. So you should not settle for whatever meager sum they are willing to give you. You should know the true worth of your gold.
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