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What is Cash for Gold USA?

Cash for Gold USA is a company that will give you cash for your unwanted or broken gold. You will find that they are one of the top paying companies that provide cash for gold. There was a study on this company and two others that was done by a news channel. In this study the exact same item was give to Cash for Gold USA and two other stores as well. The other companies pay out was almost nothing compared to how much cash for gold paid. The cash payout was almost three times what the other two companies paid for the same exact item.
Cash for Gold USA is a great company they pride themselves in being able to give you the best possible price for your gold. They have an online website where you can order your packaging to be able to send your gold to them. This is free of cost to you. You will even find that their envelopes have prepaid postage on them so that the only thing that you need to do is place your gold in the package and put it in the mail. Then you can simply sit back and wait for a check to arrive at your house.
The reason that this company is able to pay so much more for your gold then other companies is because they don’t have to pay brokerage or refinery fee that many of the other companies do. This means that you get more money since less is being spent on other things. You should also know that there is prepaid insurance on the gold that you send them. This means should something happen with the shipment your jewelry is covered. This is a great added benefit of this company. 

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