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They also offer an unprecedented guarantee: 

"If for any reason you are not satisfied with the payment you receive, simply notify them and then return the check within 14 days and your items will be returned to you absolutely free of charge"

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Cash for Gold Locations
FOX News Investigation Uncovers the Truth
Behind the Cash for Gold Industry & Reveals
Where to Get 3x's More Cash for Your Gold!

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"I came across your web site while searching for "cash for gold locations" 
and was immediately blown away by the video broadcast, I decided 
to do business with CashForGoldUSA on your recommendation, thanks for the informative web site
 - Jessica G. Miami, Florida, USA

"I unfortunately fell for the "Cash 4 Gold Scam" and was paid very little for my gold, after doing some more research I relised that I should have dealt directly with a Refinery , I wish I had seen your web site first!
 - Robert K, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"This company was absolutely great to deal with and they gave more for my Gold than what I initialy paid for it about 10 years ago, I'm very impressed"
 - Katie S, Buffalo, New York, USA

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Are you looking for cash for gold locations? 

There are many cash for gold locations across the country. You may find that there are some locations near you or you may find that you live in such a rural area that finding a location nearby seems nearly impossible. 

If you are one of the people that are unable to find cash for gold locations near you then you should know that this doesn’t mean you can’t trade in your gold for cash. This actually might result in your being able to get more for your gold in the end because you don’t have to waste gas going to the actual store location. You also should know that you can simply go online and most companies will send you everything that you need to be able to send them your gold. This process might take a little longer than actually going to a store however. 

When you ask for the material to be sent to you for you to send in your gold for cash you will notice that you get an envelope that has prepaid postage on it. All you need to do is stick the jewelry in the envelope, seal it, and send it off in the mail. After you have done this you can simply sit back and wait for the check to be mailed to you. This is so simple and actually convenient. If you are looking to go to an actual store then you can look online for which companies have stores near you. Beware however of the companies out there that offers only a fraction of the money for your unwanted gold that other companies do. You will want to be sure that you are going to be dealing with a legit company that can get you the most for your gold trade in.  
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