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When I was looking for a way to get cash for my gold

A while back I was looking for a way to get cash for my gold. I had heard a few different stories of a few different companies that could help me with this. When I started to look however at a place that would give me cash for my gold I started to find that many of them had negative reviews.
After I had found this out I was very skeptical bout the cash for gold industry. I was looking around on the internet still one day trying to find a company that I felt was going to be legit. That is when I stumble across this video that was put together by a news station.
After seeing the video my decision was easy. I knew hands down the cash for gold company that I was going to send my gold to. In this investigation video by the news crew there were three companies.  They sent them all the same exact piece of jewelry. When the results came in they were completely shocking. One of the places paid almost three time what was paid out from the other companies.
The company that had done so well was They completely blew the other companies out of the water. I knew then exactly what I needed to do. I logged online and found their website. I order the envelope. When it arrived all that I had to do was put my gold in it and ship it back to them. I did that and within a few days I had my check in hand. It was far more than I expected for what I had sent them. I was very pleased with the results I got from getting cash for my gold. I will certainly use them again if I need to in the future.