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Beware of the "Gold Parties" Scam, Get 3x's More for Your Gold!

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If you want to receive the maximum value for your Gold items, we strongly suggest that you Do Not sell them at Gold Parties

Our research indicates that you will get the Most Money for your Gold by dealing directly with a Gold Refinery, however, you must exercise caution when choosing a gold refinery as there are many companies out there acting as Refiners when in fact they are nothing more than Middle-Men.

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Consumer Warning! Beware of the "Gold Parties" Scam

Do Not  Sell Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry at a Gold Party!

As a result of the current state of the economy and with the price of gold and other precious metals reaching record highs, the new trend in home parties is “Gold Parties”.  

Remember the days of Tupperware parties, then as time went on there were “Lingerie parties” & “Candle parties", now the new home party phenomenon is “Gold Parties”.  The popularity of hosting and attending one of these parties is soaring as people see it as an easy way to make some extra cash.

The premise of a gold party is where a host will invite friends and family to trade in their unwanted gold jewelry, coins and trinkets in return for cash. The problem is that gold parties are known to seriously under estimate the weight, purity and value of your gold, as a result, the amount of cash you will receive will be much less than what you would get elsewhere. 

Most people do not know how much their gold and jewelry is actually worth and they are often satisfied to simply receive any amount of cash, however when you take into account the incentives that are paid to the host, which includes a percentage of the value of all the gold collected plus reimbursement for food and alcoholic beverages (alcohol is highly encouraged) as well as a percentage paid to the company who is operating the gold party, the end result is that these gold selling parties are Ripping You Off! 

Who do you think is paying for all of these supplies, services and commissions? - Ultimately You Are!  

Instead of attending a Gold Party and selling for a fraction of what your gold is really worth, we suggest that you sell your unwanted gold jewelry directly to a gold refinery such as, You'll get 3x's More Cash for Your Gold... Guaranteed!
FOX News Investigates the
"Gold Buying" Industry
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