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Have you heard of the cash for gold scam?

Have you heard recently of the cash for gold scam? The cash for gold scam have become more obvious now that the economy has changed and people are hard up for a little extra cash.

This scam happens with the companies that are offering to pay you cash for your unwanted gold and broken gold jewelery. You will find many companies that are completely fair and legit. Don't let this fool you into thinking that they all are.This simply is not that case. There are many companies mixed in with the legit ones that are nothing more that robbers who are stealing your money the legal way. Yes, you can have a legal version of a scam. This happens when you can take something to one place and get fifty dollars or more from it and take it to another and get only a third or less of it. This is just an example of a way that you can tell you are dealing with a company that may be scamming you. You will want to make sure when trading your cash for gold that you find a company that is giving you a deal that is fair not one that is simply ripping you off.

You may want to take your jewelery to someone and find out the value then talk to different companies to make sure you are getting estimates that are about the same. Doing this will prevent you from getting tricked. So while it's great to make a quick buck just be sure that the buck you make is fair and not pennies on what you rightfully deserve for it. So don't shy away from all companies but steer clear of the ones that seem off and aren't willing to pay you near what other companies are offering.
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