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Is cash for gold really a scam?

Is selling your gold for cash really a scam? First what is cash for gold? Cash for gold is simply when you sell someone your unwanted gold for cash. This is most popularly done with companies more so than individuals. You can even sell them broken jewelry. Sounds great right? So how is cash for gold a scam? Well this is where it gets tricky. Not all cash for gold is a scam. The problem that you are likely to run into is getting very low cash return for what your gold is actually worth. This is very likely with online companies. You may not even get back a fourth of what your jewelry is actually appraised for.

Gold has gone up tremendously over the past year in value. So you will need to keep in mind that what you paid for a piece of jewelry last year might be low for what it is selling for now. So don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking you are getting a good deal. This is a great way for these companies to fool you as many people do not keep up with the value of gold. You may simply think I paid three hundred dollars for this last year and this year i got three fifty when I sold it. You may think you made a deal when honestly you have just been severely short changed.

So be very aware of the cash for gold scam companies that are out there. You will want to make sure you shop around and get the best price for your unwanted gold. This will ensure that you are not getting twenty dollars for a rip off place when really you could get more like fifty from a place that is more legit. Everyone desires extra cash from time to time. Cash for gold seems like a quick answer just beware of the scams out there and find a place that can give you what you deserve for it.

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