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Is every company offering cash for gold a scammer?

Are all companies that offer cash for gold, scammers? The answer to this is simply no. There are many companies out there who are part of this cash for gold scam and yet many more who have nothing at all to do with it.

This scam is not the typical scam you may be thinking of. Instead it is companies taking advantage of people and giving them next to nothing for what they are trading in is worth. This has begun to happen more regularly. It is not the same with all companies some are in it to varying degrees. This should however not leave you thinking that the majority of companies offering cash for gold are this way. In fact it is the other way around the major are not trying to scam you at all. They are like any other company though they make a profit that is the way the keep running. So don't go trading in your gold expecting to get penny for penny what it is worth this simply is not the way that it will go. You should have ever get reasonably compensated. So if you check with one place and they are offering you fifty dollars for everything you are trading in and another offers you one hundred and fifty then chances are with the first company you have just come across a scam. You will want to remember this company in the future and not do business with them and stick with the one who offered you three times more. They certainly didn't offer you this because they wanted to loose money and you make all the money they did this because they were giving you a fair deal.

So again not all companies are out to legally rob you, but continue to be on the look out for the gold for cash scam companies that are.

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